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Auditorium Script

Auditorium Script

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This Grasshopper script can be used to generate auditorium arrangements, outputting seat and row geometry.

Input parameters let you control the size of seats, the number of rows, size and shape of the stage, style of rows (straight, curved or rounded) number of tiers, desired C value of seats, and the script works out the positioning of upper tiers to ensure sightlines, the riser values needed and can automatically place aisles according to the number of seats that cannot be exceed in a row.

A boundary can be set which auditorium arrangements will be generated to fit inside.

The script can also provide feedback on the arrangements generated, including number of seats, average distance to the stage and C values by row.

These features make possible to quickly test different arrangements and optimise for a specific site without spending hours doing complex calculations

Technical Details

This product is sold as a digital download. You will receive the following files: 1 x Grasshopper Script, 1 x Rhino example file, 1 x PDF instructions.

Units are measured in millimeters (mm).

Software compatibility

This script is compatible with Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. It requires the installation of the free grasshopper plugin Human

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