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Student Project Tracker

Student Project Tracker

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✔ Designed specifically for architecture students.

✔ Supercharge your productivity with tools and frameworks.

✔ Organise all your studies in one place.

The Student Project Tracker helps your to approach and track you design projects in architecture school.

More than just a place to check on deadlines, it includes a whole system developed specifically for approaching architectural projects in school. As former architectural students we designed the framework we wished someone had given us to keep us focused and efficient within the particular requirements of architectural design projects.

The tracker includes a template for managing your design projects, though you are free to adapt it as is helpful to you. It breaks the project down into stages, with detailed prompts for different project considerations. Following this framework can give you a focused way to approach a design project and ensure that you thoroughly interrogate all aspects.


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This product is sold as a digital download. On purchase you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to download this template to your personal Notion account.

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You can create a Notion account for free and use this template with Notion through a web browser or through the Notion app.

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